Infinite Banking

Unlock the wealth-building power of Infinite Banking.

Infinite Banking uses specially designed permanent life insurance policies to help individuals and businesses build wealth independent from stock market fluctuations and without incurring additional taxes.

Infinite Banking Advantages:

Act As your Own Banker.

Instead of getting a conventional loan or liquidating your account, borrow from your insurance company against your policy’s equity. No worries about:

Credit scores

Annual income requirements

Justifying the purpose of the loa

Rigid payment structures

Any other criteria that conventional lenders demand

use and grow your money

at the same time.

The premiums you’ve already paid into your policy will remain in place and continue to accrue interest and grow, and you’ll also have the cash you need to:

Fund purchases

Pay down debt

Take advantage of investment opportunities

powerful benefits.

Tier One Capital of Georgia, LLC specializes in Infinite Banking strategies, and we’d be happy to show you how it can strengthen your business and individual financial plans. Infinite Banking:

Eliminates the instability that comes with investing in the stock market

Offers a higher rate of return than savings accounts

Provides a guaranteed payout and premiums never change

Guarantees loan approval based on the equity in your account

Allows you to set your own repayment terms

Includes no additional management fees

Is not vulnerable to lawsuits or bankruptcy

Makes your retirement funds last longer

Mitigates the unknowns of retirement funding regarding how long you’ll live and the rate of return you can expect

Grows tax free and can be used whenever you want w/o incurring penalties

Gives you the ability to leave a legacy to your loved ones w/o estate or inheritance taxes

See how Tier One Capital, LLC can help you protect your income and your business.

Get higher rates of return with less risk.

What our clients say....

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“I went to Howard for my first life insurance policy. Then I had a child and bought a new home. So I went back to make sure, if something were to happen to me, my wife could keep our home and my daughter could go to college. Howard is easy to like and he genuinely cares. He’s good people. He took the time to walk me through the policy and advised me on what I needed and what I didn’t need, regardless of if it benefitted him. Why would anyone buy insurance online when someone like Howard is there to help?”

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When I decided to review my life insurance policies, I called Howard. He suggested a new policy which provided 50% more coverage for approximately 60% of my existing premiums. He also came up with a 20-year strategy to protect my wife and children where, as my obligations decrease, so will my coverage and premium payments. We all work hard to create a good life for our families. Howard placed my coverage with a quality insurance company that will provide me with peace of mind.”

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“I got to experience Howard’s compassion and dedication for his clients firsthand when he diligently searched for affordable, comprehensive life insurance for me. Due to my complicated medical history, my own search only came up with limited and expensive coverage. Howard impressed me with his empathy and determination. Howard is a real mensch, someone of integrity and honor, who I highly recommend.”