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Tier One Capital of Georgia, LLC offers a wide range of smart insurance solutions that not only protect your business, but also help your business grow, prosper, and keep more of the money it makes. Here are a few examples:

Business Overhead Insurance

People sometimes confuse business overhead insurance with business interruption insurance. Business interruption insurance pays out a one-time, set amount to hold the business over in case the building becomes damaged and can’t be open.

Business overhead insurance helps keep your business running if you become sick or disabled and can’t be there to run it. It covers expenses like salaries, licenses, taxes, and mortgage for as long as 24 months, helping your business hold its value until you can either return to work or decide to sell.

Key Person Insurance

In the event you need to replace an owner or someone who is critical to the leadership of your company or an employee who produces significant revenue, like a top salesperson, project manager, or instructor, key person coverage ensures you’ll have time to find the right person to fill those shoes.

Tier One Capital of Georgia, LLC offers many business insurance solutions. 

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Infinite Banking for Business

Tier One Capital of Georgia, LLC can show you how to use Infinite Banking to increase the value of your business. For example:

Recruit and Retain Top Talent

Make your company more attractive to key executives. Sweeten employee benefits by using permanent life insurance policies to create a deferred compensation package.

Create Additional Revenue Streams

If you use a third-party provider to offer financing to your clients or patients, we’ll help you set up your own financing stream so you can keep the fees and profits in your business.

Learn more about the wealth-building power of Infinite Banking and how Tier One Capital, LLC can help you protect your income.

Keep more of the money your business makes.

What our clients say....

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“I got to experience Howard’s compassion and dedication for his clients firsthand when he diligently searched for affordable, comprehensive life insurance for me. Due to my complicated medical history, my own search only came up with limited and expensive coverage. Howard impressed me with his empathy and determination. Howard is a real mensch, someone of integrity and honor, who I highly recommend.”

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“After reading a book on infinite banking, I wanted to purchase a unique cash-value whole life insurance policy. Howard had the specific knowledge and experience to set it up for me. He’s a great guy, very patient and personable. He answered all my questions and made sure I understood what I was getting. I highly recommend him.”

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“Howard is a gem! The insurance world is complex and confusing, with so many options and products to consider. I trust Howard to expertly guide me. He’s knowledgeable and fun to work with. Anyone who knows Howard loves him. I recommend him all the time.”