Keep More of the Money You Make

Tier 1 Capital of Georgia, LLC offers tailored insurance solutions to make your financial strategy stronger.

Most individuals and business owners have more than one expert advisor guiding the different areas of their financial plan. Each one could be solid, but when you look at how they all work together, there are often gaps where your family or business may still vulnerable or spending money unnecessarily.

At Tier One Capital of Georgia, LLC we look at the big picture and provide custom solutions that protect your assets, help you build wealth, and keep more of the money you make.

Tier One Capital of Georgia, LLC offers a comprehensive range

of insurance products for individuals and business owners.

INcome protection

Protect your income, including bonuses, commissions, and retirement contributions most policies don’t cover.

INfinite banking

Leverage the power of permanent life insurance to fund current expenses and build tax-free wealth.

Business solutions

Protect and build your business with a wide range of products.

Howard Silvermintz

Building and protecting wealth should be easy and honest.

Tier One Capital of Georgia LLC’s founder, Howard Silvermintz, has dedicated his career to showing individuals and business owners simple, safe ways to recapture funds normally lost to interest payments and taxes. He’ll take the time to get to know you and your goals and customize a plan that puts you in control and keeps more of your money in your pocket.

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Make your financial plan work harder.

What our clients say....

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“I went to Howard for my first life insurance policy. Then I had a child and bought a new home. So I went back to make sure, if something were to happen to me, my wife could keep our home and my daughter could go to college. Howard is easy to like and he genuinely cares. He’s good people. He took the time to walk me through the policy and advised me on what I needed and what I didn’t need, regardless of if it benefitted him. Why would anyone buy insurance online when someone like Howard is there to help?”

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When I decided to review my life insurance policies, I called Howard. He suggested a new policy which provided 50% more coverage for approximately 60% of my existing premiums. He also came up with a 20-year strategy to protect my wife and children where, as my obligations decrease, so will my coverage and premium payments. We all work hard to create a good life for our families. Howard placed my coverage with a quality insurance company that will provide me with peace of mind.”

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“I had too many random life insurance policies. I wasn’t sure which to keep and which to cancel. Howard patiently explained each one and helped me consolidate them into one whole life policy that makes sense. Howard genuinely cares about his clients. I feel so much better knowing my loved ones will be cared for if something were to happen to me. Life insurance is a difficult conversation to have. My husband always avoided the subject. As a nurse, I know how important it is to have your affairs in order. Howard makes it easy.”