There is no sure thing in investments.

History tells us that taxes will rise over time, regardless of temporary reductions.

Property values should rise, but will they?

Howard Silvermintz believes that the safest road to financial certainty starts with maintaining as much liquidity as possible and with leveraging insurance products to make sure the money lasts all the way through retirement.

His philosophy allows you to grow your money and use it at the same time:

  • it’s creditor proof (in Georgia)
  • when you die, there will be something to be passed on
  • if you get sick or hurt, the contributions can continue
  • money grows tax deferred
  • money is tax free if borrowed (under current tax code)
  • you’ll receive a competitive rate of return (compared to other investments)
  • the value is assured – no fluctuations with the economy
  • your cash is liquid – available for your use and control

This likely sounds very different from other advisors you’ve met. Let Howard explain how it can simplify your planning and ease your worry about the future.