Tier One Capital of Georgia, LLC generates higher rates of return on real estate investments with less risk.

Tier One Capital of Georgia, LLC is a smarter way to operate a real estate investment business, because it:

  • Provides you with a guaranteed line of credit
  • Generates a 5% return on your operating capital
  • Protects your capital from creditors

Tier One Capital of Georgia, LLC is both easier and more profitable for managing cash flow than traditional banking. With a conventional savings account, your operating capital simply isn’t working as hard as it could. Moving that capital to a whole life policy doesn’t just higher interest rates than a savings account; the growth from interest and dividends is also tax free.

When you’re ready to finance an investment – there are no hoops to jump through to get a loan. The application and approval processes are simple, streamlined, and speedy. You don’t have to justify the investment or provide other financial documentation. And, because you’re borrowing against your policy instead of liquidating it, your capital will continue to grow uninterrupted – while you continue to grow your business. These accounts are also private, which offers your business a higher level of protection as your operating capital will not be vulnerable to creditors.

Tier One Capital of Georgia, LLC maximizes return on investment.
When you buy an investment property, let’s say you use your own capital for the down payment, borrow the rest through a traditional loan, and then renovate the property with your own money. If you sell the home after five years, your rate of return depends on how much the property has increased in value, minus the cash you’ve invested.

With Tier One Capital of Georgia, LLC, instead of using your own money for the down payment and renovations, you borrow it from your insurance carrier, using your life insurance policy as collateral. In this scenario, your rate of return will be significantly higher, because there’s no opportunity cost. As the value of your investment property grows, so does the cash value of your policy, because it has continued accruing interest and dividends without interruption.

Let Tier One Capital of Georgia, LLC show you how to get a better return on your real estate investments with Tier One Capital of Georgia, LLC.