Make Your Money Work

To plan for retirement, you accumulate cash.

And then you worry that you’ll outlive your savings. You worry about how much money you can spend each year and you wonder if you planned wisely.

You hope inflation will stay manageable.

You hope your tax bracket will go down as you get older, leaving you more disposable income.

You hope the value of your investment portfolio rises, along with the value of your paid-for home.

Wouldn’t it be a relief to know that you won’t run out of money?

Make your money work harder for you:

  • Instead of paying for your home as quickly as you can, keep the mortgage, enjoy the tax deduction and set aside that cash
  • Instead of hitting your savings when your child starts college, or to pay for home renovation, consider another method that lets you keep earning interest on the money you’ve saved.

Howard Silvermintz works with individuals and families to create a solid financial plan that will weather the economic storms and take most of the uncertainty out of the future. Instead of relying on hope, you’ll rely on your plan and you’ll see how your money can work for you, even while you spend it.

Discover a new way to look at saving.


Are you ready to take the next step and speak with a financial professional?

For decades insurance has been a necessary evil – a piece of financial protection that wise individuals won’t live without. And while it’s always been considered part of “financial planning”, most of the planning relates to the individual becoming disabled or meeting an untimely death and making arrangements for the family’s financial security if the unthinkable occurs.

Now families, individuals and business owners can add insurance products to their active financial planning tool kits –to improve their lifestyles, to increase their own net worth, and to enjoy life and prosperity even while they plan for retirement.

Learn more about the Circle of Wealth and the positive impact insurance products can have right now — not only when the unthinkable happens.

Discover a new way to look at saving.



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