Circle of Wealth

There are two ways for an advisor to help clients with their finances.

The traditional method is to assess the current portfolio and the long-range goals, and then recommend better tools and products that, hopefully, will pay a higher rate of return. This often includes a higher, and uncomfortable, risk.

The second way is to also examine resources, habits, perspectives and oversights that can erode financial assets.

Howard Silvermintz wants to do both.

He’ll explain the three categories of money:

  • Accumulated money is what you have saved and invested.
  • Lifestyle money is what you spend for your home, car, basic needs, perceived needs and recreation.
  • Transferred money is how you, sometimes unknowingly, spend or waste revenues on loan interest—from automobiles to housing; consumer debt on credit card or revolving credit; taxes; the method of mortgage payments and funding retirement.

Howard Silvermintz will use The Circle of Wealth® system to teach you to:

  1. Be more efficient with the money you already have
  2. Eliminate wasteful transfers of wealth
  3. Develop reasonable and effective savings and investments, without sacrificing quality of life


Keep more of the money you make.

Maybe you think insurance is a necessary evil that you have to pay for, but hope to never use. But did you know that the right insurance policy can actually help you build wealth and support you in reaching your financial goals?

Tier One Capital of Georgia, LLC offers individuals and families, real estate investors, and businesses a comprehensive range of life, health, and disability insurance products. Let us show you how to leverage the power of your insurance to keep more of the money you make – and make that money work harder and smarter.

Learn more about the Circle of Wealth and the positive impact insurance products can have right now — not only when the unthinkable happens.

Discover a new way to look at saving.



Guide Your Business. Protect Your Key People. Learn and Implement The Financial Strategies Of The Wealthy.

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