Infinite Banking

Infinite Banking lets you use and grow your money at the same time.

Infinite Banking is a concept that allows you to use specially designed whole life insurance policies to function as your own banker. As you fund your policies by paying monthly premiums, you essentially create your own “banking system” where you can finance major purchases and investments with loans from your insurance carrier taken out against your own assets, rather than borrowing from traditional lending institutions.

The difference between Term Life and Whole Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance covers a specific period of time. Many young parents use term life insurance policies to make sure their children will be taken care of if the parents die before their children are old enough to take care of themselves. If the parents live beyond the term limit, the policy expires. In that event, there’s no pay out, and all of the premiums are gone.

On the other hand, with a whole life insurance policy, there is no expiration date. You remain insured no matter how long you live. As long as you pay your premiums, your insurance company will pay out the death benefit. And with whole life insurance, you don’t even have to die to benefit. If you choose to liquidate your account, you’ll get back everything that you’ve put into it, plus any interest and dividends that have accrued over the years.

Though the premiums for term life policies are lower than for whole life, whole life insurance pays out every time, while term insurance pays out only a small percentage of the time.

Borrowing against a whole life policy

The ability to use your whole life insurance policy as collateral for borrowing is the foundation of Infinite Banking. As you pay premiums into your whole life policy, you’re building up equity. If you need cash, instead of liquidating your policy, you can borrow money directly from the insurance company, using the equity in your policy as collateral for the loan.

You don’t have to worry about your credit score, annual income requirements, justifying the purpose of the loan, rigid payment structures, or any of the other criteria that conventional lenders demand. As long as your premiums are paid and you have equity, you won’t be turned down for the loan. You’ll have the cash you need to fund purchases, pay down debt, or take advantage of investment opportunities, while the dollars you’ve contributed to your whole life insurance policy remain in place, accruing interest, growing, and creating and stronger financial future

Benefits of Infinite Banking

Tier One Capital of Georgia, LLC specializes in helping individuals and families, businesses, and real estate investors discover the value that Infinite Banking can bring at different stages of life and business. Some of the benefits of Infinite Banking:

  • Eliminates the instability that comes with investing in the stock market
  • Offers a higher rate of return than savings accounts
  • Provides a guaranteed payout and premiums never change
  • Guarantees loan approval as long as you have the equity in your account
  • Allows flexibility to set your own repayment terms
  • Provides tax advantages. Growth is tax exempt and you can use your money whenever you want without incurring penalties
  • Includes no additional management fees
  • Is not vulnerable to law suits or bankruptcy

Infinite Banking is an excellent solution for anyone without a pension because it:

  • Makes your retirement funds last longer
  • Mitigates the unknowns of retirement funding regarding how long you’ll live and the rate of return you can expect
  • Allows you to leave a legacy without burdening loved ones with hefty estate or inheritance fees.

Are there downsides to Infinite Banking?

You’ve heard that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. While the benefits of Infinite Banking sound that good, this model isn’t right for everyone. Here are a few factors to consider to determine if it’s right for you.

  • Infinite Banking takes patience. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme; it’s a long-term plan for building wealth. Premiums can be fairly high at first, especially compared to term life insurance policies. And it can take several years to build up enough equity in your account to make Infinite Banking work for you.
  • Getting access to cash is not free. Even though your policy will continue to earn interest, you’ll still pay interest on loans taken out against your equity. However, you’ll be paying them to your insurance carrier rather than a bank, which is ultimately good for you, because you’re contributing to the strength of your policy’s carrier.
  • Infinite Banking requires some discipline. If you currently struggle to pay existing creditors, you may experience the same struggle paying off the loan against your policy.
  • If you liquidate your policy, you will receive the full cash value, minus any loans. However, you can only borrow up to 90% of what you’ve invested.
  • Rules vary from one carrier to the next regarding how quickly you can access the cash value in your policy. Most require a waiting period ranging anywhere from two weeks to 30 days to a year.

Ultimately, we believe the upsides of Infinite Banking outweigh the downsides. Borrowing against your policy is a better long-range strategy, as your policy will continue to grow as you pay back the loan. And over time, as you continue to build your account, it becomes an increasingly powerful tool you can use to borrow money to pay down debts, take nice cruises, buy equipment, pay for a wedding, make purchases, and take advantage of investment opportunities.

Finding the Funds to Get Started: Introducing The Circle of Wealth®

Because we’ve all been trained to turn over control of our money to other people, most of us have areas where we’re spending inefficiently or unnecessarily.

  • We waste money on things like loan interest, credit card debt, taxes, mortgage payment methods, and even retirement funding.
  • We don’t sustain our saving strategies, because that sacrifices too much of our current quality of life.
  • We overlook opportunities to leverage bonuses, tax refunds, savings investments, inheritances, or other windfalls.

By using The Circle of Wealth® system, Tier One Capital of Georgia, LLC can help you identify better ways to use funds you have to become your own banker and start keeping more of the money you make.

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What Would the Rockefellers Do? How the Wealthy Get and Stay That Way, and How You Can Too

Interest and Dividends. Whole life insurance policies earn interest generated through very conservatively managed bonds. If an insurance company exceeds its growth target, it will issue dividends to policyholders, which they can take as cash or apply toward their policies. While dividends are not guaranteed, historically, many mutual insurance companies pay them regularly.



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