A New Way to Look at Saving

This new saving approach is a resourceful and legitimate way to grow your money and use your money at the same time.

Your whole life insurance policy is a vehicle to grow your money with a fixed-for-life, guaranteed return, and if the mutual carrier exceeds its projections for the year you can earn even more, and never lose it.

You own an asset with a face value and a cash value. You can borrow from the insurance company using the insurance policy as collateral while the insurance company charges interest.

You build your legacy for your heirs as the growth improves the death benefit of your policy.

Howard will explain which policy is right for you, and how to use it to greatest advantage.


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For decades insurance has been a necessary evil – a piece of financial protection that wise individuals won’t live without. And while it’s always been considered part of “financial planning”, most of the planning relates to the individual becoming disabled or meeting an untimely death and making arrangements for the family’s financial security if the unthinkable occurs.

Now families, individuals and business owners can add insurance products to their active financial planning tool kits –to improve their lifestyles, to increase their own net worth, and to enjoy life and prosperity even while they plan for retirement.

Learn more about the Circle of Wealth and the positive impact insurance products can have right now — not only when the unthinkable happens.

Discover a new way to look at saving.



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